Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Final (well nearly but not quite) designs

Pencil filter in Photoshop using Brownie
 camera photo in repeat
I like this Browniefest due to its simplicity. I could use a number of colourways with this imagery and I think this design lends itself well to stationery as it's quite a small print.
Pencil filter using ladybird stack
There is something so nice about a black and white image. I enjoyed creating this image and can not believe it was derived using just one easy filter. This design would look really good with lasercut incorporated into the text of the design. I have started to think about lasercutting text on a larger scale than this and I could perhaps use some of the text from within the ladybird books. I envisage using tracing paper lasercut so one of my geometric designs will stand behind the text.
partially coloured ladybird book
stacks with a plain background

I think I might prefer the back and white ladybird books with a geometric background but I am not sure.. I will see what some of my peers think about the variation in designs.


  1. ooh I want to colour in those ladybird books, looks so inviting! x and I really want to try out that pencil filter. brilliant!

  2. I love the top print, it looks so effective! Lovely warm, retro colours too that work so well with your theme :)

  3. Thank you Tess for your comments, I think the Books do the work in those prints. Mel, glad you like the browniefest print it's become a favourite of mine as time goes on..

  4. I have seen the colouring in wallpaper before, its really cool. Used in some children's wallpapers. Not great though for the OCD's in the world though.