Friday, 4 May 2012

Interesting lampshades

I want to create a lampshade for my final which is a little bit different but still has a retro theme. I began thinking about macrame and crochet, 2 very 70s crafts which were popular back then and thought about adding a modern twist.

I came across Naomi Paul's lampshades earlier this year, they are fun, elegant and really distinctive.

Naomi Paul lampshades. Photography by Nick Rowchowski
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Very delicate and clever use of colour and placement.


These lampshade are sweet, delicate and pod-like I like the mix of colours too.

Picnik collage1
paper collage lampshade.

Paper collage - I love it! This is a style I could use with a mix of my shapes and geometric patterns.

A Thousand Picnics feature at

Yes, I know it's not a lampshade but macrame plant holders from a shop called " A Thousand Picnics " in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. These clever and trendy people researched the 1970s home before opening their shop and found images of macrame plant holders. 

More macrame - a plant holder and a very bold looking lampshade.

A good friend has also recently given me a book on macrame, so I wondered if I could translate this for my final lampshade into something exciting and different...Hmm.

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