Monday, 30 April 2012

Wallpaper draft design

After discovering Deborah Bowness' lovely wallpaper, I thought about taking my own photos and collaging these with some of my geometric patterns.

Here is one result of this initial experimentation using Photoshop to layer my own photo onto existing patterns.

This design uses my own photo (made black and white) of my favourite Ladybird books (all time favourite " The Elves and The Shoemaker" ). I had to use photoshop to repeat the stack of books height wise. I need to "cut out" the Ladybird stack better using Photoshop so that the background design does not bleed into the books - it needs to have a professional look, so I will be honing my Photoshop skills yet again!

I am thinking about this potential design for wallpaper and need to consider how large a design to do and what drop I want for the design. I will potentially be adding stitch, hand collage and a wee bit more colour to it.

More to follow soon ( I hope..)


  1. oooh love it, nothing better than a pile of books next to the bed, and now you could have them on the wall too!

  2. Thank you, glad you like it :)