Sunday, 29 April 2012

Wallpaper -a look at innovative designs
Although I am pleased with my draft final designs, I feel they lack that certain ommph that comes with a well thought out design and some innovation, so I have gone back to the research desk to try and discover what I can add to my designs to make them that little bit special. These designers provided me with a few ideas..

Some time ago I came across the designer Linda Florence and her wonderful scratch card wallpaper. Parts of her wallpaper designs are covered in silver which can be scratched off to reveal a different pattern underneath. I like the idea of connecting with the wallpaper and being able to change the design whenever or however you desire.

I have also discovered the wallpaper of Sian Zeng a graduate from Central St Martins and an awarding winning designer. Her wallpaper is amazing as she uses a magnetic liner behind her wallpapers so that her own illustrative magnets can be added to her beautifully drawn wallpaper. She also has some fun printed giant stuffed scissors, really cool. These designs, whilst nothing like my own style inspire me to create designs that the user can interact with in some way. Although, I have no idea as to how I can do this at present and so its perhaps something to quietly contemplate...

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