Friday, 20 April 2012

Siggi Eggertsson

Siggi Eggertsson is a really interesting Icelandic graphic designer/ illustrator. I have been exploring Scandinavian design with it's distinct graphicness, boldness and use of colour (IKEA here we come!) and it occurred to me that it has parallels with 1970s design in many ways. It is interesting the way most Scandi design has over the decades, never lost this strong sense of craft, colour and shape. This factor has made me explore the world of graphic design to a greater extent and I came across Siggi's fab work.

Siggi's work is playful and sometimes comments on world issues; such as his beautiful christmas baubles which feature an atomic bomb explosion (somewhat unexpected). He is equally at home though with designing geometrically pleasing patterns commercially for the likes of Mulberry for example. I was really happy to see the diversity of his work as it's very inspiring for my Final major project. His use of colour exploration is similar to mine and I when I look at his designs I visualize paper collage, a technique that I am keen to use in my FMP (Final Major Project).



  1. Really nice Chill. Very 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' and Beatles-ish too. x

  2. strange - I always think of scandinavian design as pale and interesting, not colourful and bright.

    1. Interesting point, I think I am thinking of IKEA and Marimekko Scandi design when I talk about bold and colourful.. But I am sure there are plenty of pale and interesting designs too would love to hear about some of your fav. Scandi craft/design.

  3. It totally brings back memories of the 70s and also of a tray my husband's Grandfather had (he was an artist - maybe there is a link?!) so it evokes happy feelings. I like the colour pallet and the contrast of the blue/green pic more than the other one to be honest - I think it is still contemporary and I would gladly have it in my interiors... not that I am a designer :-)

  4. Thanks for your feedback, I agree I like Siggi's blue/green design more. This was used in a store design for Mulberry and featured as a carpet design among other things.

    And Sarah, the fact that you are not a designer but a customer probably makes your viewpoint all the more valid! :)