Friday, 27 April 2012

Paper Collage experiment

Part of my original brief was to do paper collage for my final outcome using some of my geometric designs.

So I have set about to create a contemporary paper collage design using my own designs. The result is below.

I think that although some of the individual pieces of this design look nice, frustratingly it is not great for two reasons:-

  1. Too many rounded rectangles
  2. The spray mount shows through the tracing paper

The next time I do paper collage I will use double sided tape and PVA glue not spray mount. 

This little glimpse into paper collage has made me think that perhaps my designs are not too suited to collage and I will be exploring more photography mixed in with my geometric designs for a more successful outcome - I hope.


  1. Disagree that they are not suited to this technique. I totally love it...agree about the spray mount prob, but I really love it!! Think it would even be cool to show some of the tape and maybe use a bit of masking tape in the design ...don't discount it! :)

  2. Yes, interesting comment thank you for that Dibble. Perhaps it would be worth trying again with different shapes. Like the masking tape idea too. Thank you. :)