Monday, 27 February 2012

Life on Mars

I've been watching the first series of the brilliant "Life on Mars" again and enjoying all the retro reference material within. I am a big fan of this BBC series it is so well written and the visuals are fantastically absorbing, the attention to detail superb! For those of you who missed this series it's about a police officer from today, Sam Tyler who gets hit my a car and ends up in a coma but stuck in 1973... strange but true!
The colour palette is full of beiges and browns with splashes of greys and dark greens. Sam Tyler's flat has fab wallpaper with a collaged flower repeat pattern with some geometrics. The office is full of design inspiration objects such as an old dial telephone (not a trimphone), pendant lamps and grey filing cabinets. Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt (Tyler's boss in 1973) screech around dramatically in a boxy looking Ford Cortina. More on the series at this link.
Better start some drawing soon, I have lots of inspiration now.

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  1. 1973 - the death of the tea strainer, now there's a quirky British item for you, and I bet it would be fun to draw! perhaps you could start a fashion line "campaign for real tea!"