Friday, 17 February 2012

Polaroid obsession

Polaroid, Polaroid, Polaroid... Why have I become so obsessed with these instant cameras? They are a clumsy squarish design, gaudy and produce faded off colour pics that cost a fortune, so why? Who knows.. I had borrowed a Polaroid 1000 from college to draw and photograph but sadly had to give it back on Tuesday, since then I have been hunting for a replacement on ebay. Luckily, my incredibly thoughtful sis found one (a 600) in the Isle of Man for me, I am so excited to meet it I can hardly wait! Obsessed? Noooo not me. 
This photo was taken one freezing sub zero morning at the gorgeous Alnmouth beach. I got the orange funky bag from a vintage fair and I love the combination of retro colours used here - very Orla Kiely.

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